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501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status (APPROVED)

Mission & Vision

MISSION: Sustainable Living Academy helps prevent the further abuse of natural resources by providing access to sustainable education, training and hands-on experiences to promote greater use of sustainable practices in our daily lives.

VISION: Sustainable Living Academy aspires to turn compassion into action by making sustainable living practices more accessible and enjoyable through creative media, programs and applications that inspire people to become more mindful of their lifestyle choices.

About This Nonprofit

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Sustainable Living Academy (formerly named Foundation for Sustainable Living) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity founded on the realization that humanity is far from achieving long-term sustainability with nature and the natural resources of our planet.

This nonprofit is supported by those who believe we can turn the tide for a more positive sustainable future by making a greater effort to apply sustainable practices in our daily lives. The challenge is often that people don’t have enough information to know where to begin or how best to apply sustainable solutions in their homes and communities. Please feel free to review our Case Statement or download the PDF.

Sustainable Living Academy’s charter is to elevate, educate and participate!

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Sustainable Reality TV Program - Charity - Non-Profit Elevate by raising the awareness of sustainable living to new heights in mainstream media through a multimedia campaign that includes the production of a Sustainable Reality TV Show. These activities are designed to deliver sustainable knowledge directly into people's homes and hearts through the vehicle of entertainment.
  • Sustainable Living Academy - Sustainable Training Center Program - Charity - Non-Profit Educate by providing access to easy-to-understand literature, lectures and presentations that help people make informed decisions about sustainable options. This includes providing access to existing sustainable literature, creating new material and producing a multi-volume Sustainable Training Center.
  • Sustainable Living Academy - Sustainable Boot Camp Program - Charity - Non-Profit Participate by offering hands-on sustainable experience through our sustainable boot camp and training center. Our Sustainable Boot Camp allows participants to immerse themselves into different levels of sustainable living while attending regular presentations and lectures on sustainable practices.

Our Charitable Programs reflect this charter by answering the most important question that people often have about sustainable living… Where do I begin?

As a global population, the questions become even broader to include: What is Sustainable Living? and the more important Are We Living Sustainably?

Sustainable Living Academy is dedicated to helping people become more aware, knowledgeable and proactive of sustainable solutions they can apply in their daily lives. To accomplish this, we have developed innovative and progressive programs that are designed to enable, motivate and inspire people to live more sustainably.

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