Charitable Activities

Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. (SLA) is a nonprofit corporation engaged in the following activities:

Sustainable Solutions for Individuals and Communities

  • a)    The activity being conducted is: SLA is established to identify, implement, and support community development projects, as well as educate the general public on affordable solutions for sustainable living, in order to improve the outcome for those who are financially distressed or live in economically challenged communities.

  • b)    Who conducts the activity: The Board of Directors hires the staff in compliance with conflict of interest practices as outlined in the bylaws to help develop, implement, and oversee the activities of the organization. The organization hires staff to fill positions as necessary to accomplish the nonprofit objectives. Some positions may include, but are not be limited to, Administrative, Program Managers, Engineering, Marketing, Multimedia, and/or Fundraising specialist.

    In addition, the organization hires contracted service providers for various professional needs including: to build and maintain a website, conduct project or sustainability research, provide educational support or materials, produce video and audio media, and/or develop cost effective plans for sustainability projects. Guest speakers are also hired on a contract basis to facilitate or present at conferences.

  • c)    When the activity is conducted: The organization plans to host numerous online seminars with local and/or regional as required to support and facilitate sustainable education and development. SLA helps communities develop cost-effective plans for sustainable living and provides the resources to help them implement their sustainable objectives. The organization’s website is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to provide the general public with additional information and educational resources.

  • d)    Where the activity is conducted: Seminars are held online, in public venues or donated space from local facilities as may be coordinated. The organization also implements sustainable development projects in urban communities throughout the United States as the Board identifies target populations in need of assistance. Eventually, SLA hopes to organize and/or support similar projects in underdeveloped countries around the world; however, no plans are developed at this time for foreign projects.

  • e)    The activity furthers the following exempt purpose: Educational/Charitable. SLA helps improve the outcome for individuals, groups and communities who are economically challenged by identifying, implementing, and supporting sustainable development projects, as well as educating the general public on affordable solutions for sustainable living. Therefore, the organization qualifies under IRC Section 502(c)(3), advancement of education and relief of the poor, distressed and underprivileged.

  • f)    The percentage of time allocated to the activity is: 100.00%

  • g)    Related literature to support this activity: The organization is developing a wide range of promotional materials including fliers, manuals, books, a sustainable living encyclopedia, videos and a sustainable reality television production.

  • h)    Additional Information: Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life and outcome for individuals, groups and communities who are economically challenged by promoting improvements in sustainable lifestyles. The organization’s primary purpose is to develop accessible, cost-effective solutions for sustainable living environments, as well as provide the general public with the education and resources necessary for implementing those solutions. With a focus on promoting renewable resources, SLA will educate and train communities on how to adapt to an affordable and fully-sustainable lifestyle.

    To accomplish this, the organization must first identify target populations in need of education and community development. SLA then host free seminars in selected areas in order to educate the public on the possible solutions for increasing sustainability. Topics to be discussed may include, but will not be limited to, urban gardening, permaculture, water recycling, and adopting renewable energy sources. When visiting areas that have particularly high needs, the organization may hire a contracted research and development team to help identify the best possible solutions for those communities. As funding allows, SLA then provides the funds and resources needed to implement projects for sustainable living.

    The Board of Directors exercises discretion as they identify and select suitable projects, ensuring that any and all funds are used for 501(c)(3) activities that qualify as exempt under IRS requirements. The Board of Directors reports use of funds to provide onsite accountability. Once projects are implemented, they will be turned over to the community for further growth and development. SLA promotes its activities through word-of-mouth, various promotional materials, local and regional media, marketing campaigns, and its website.

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