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Sustainable Living Academy (SLA) draws on a variety of published works and in-house program managers to create sustainable solutions for use in our Sustainable Programs.

Why The Advisory Board?

Even with the vast amount of information available, there are times when books, research and in-house expertise may not be enough to guarantee we have created the absolute best solution for the sustainable objectives. This is when the services of our advisory board can be extremely helpful. Advisers are a lifeline to the most practical and real-life experience in any field.

Who Are These Advisers?

Our advisory board is made up of those who have demonstrated their knowledge in one or more areas of the sustainable living and have chosen to support of Our Cause and Case Statement. In essence, our advisers provide their expert input on our sustainable designs and solutions to ensure our Sponsor Contributions are applied in the most cost effective manner.

When Do We Contact Advisers?

The expert opinion of our advisory board members is highly regarded and very important to SLA and we do not abuse the privilege of their input or their time. The time and commitment by any adviser is voluntary. The SLA Advisory Board Submission Form allows advisers to choose whether they wish to participate through online web access only, email, phone and/or a nonprofit board position. At any time, an adviser can change their preferred contact options or opt out of the advisory program entirely simply by logging in and changing their settings.

All advisers are given secure online access to review and comment on sustainable program applications that are under review and are free to provide input and design suggestions at their leisure. Advisers who have chosen to offer email and phone support are only contacted if our questions have not been resolved online and if the SLA staff has exhausted all other resources in the design of a solution to meet a sustainable applicants’ objectives.

What Do We Ask From Advisers?

The advisory board is intended to help provide advice where needed to ensure the sustainable practices applied in our Boot Camp and Training Center are aligned with the intended objectives. Before contacting an adviser, our SLA staff will generate an internal evaluation and feasibility study for any sustainable options under consideration. This study considers the sustainable variables and defines the best solution to meet the proposed objectives. If we still have questions or concerns about which solution to choose, we may contact one of our advisers for their expert input.

Advisory board participation is not intended to be a time consuming activity for the adviser. In most cases their input will only take a matter on minutes from their busy schedules. Click here to become a SLA Advisory Board Member.

What Do We Offer Advisers?

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, SLA is not allowed to offer any form of payment for the voluntary contributions of its sustainable advisers, however, advisers may be hired by SLA if they are deemed to be a valuable asset to our nonprofit objectives. We also offer is the opportunity to be listed in our advisory board directory which is prioritized in order of those advisers who provide the most helpful and frequent contributions. This includes participation in our "Adviser of The Month" recognition program which includes a posting on our website home page. In this way, we can at least reward dedicated advisers with directory placement ranking and greater visibility for those who may visit our site in search of a sustainable consultant.

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