Sustainable Education

Sustainable Living Academy - Sustainable Training Center Program - Charity - Non-Profit

Our Sustainable Training Center provides free public access to classes, presentations, literature and hands-on activities to all those who wish to learn more about sustainable living. These events are currently conducted at our facility located in Heber City, Utah, as well as through other public speaking venues. Attendance is free and available to children, adults, entire families and community groups.

Through this program, Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. offers a full range of online and locally organized speaking engagements to help individuals and groups acquire the knowledge and support to implement sustainable practices for their home, family, business or community. The training center provides access to: books, videos and classes for introduction, demonstration, and hands-on instruction on a variety of sustainable topics including:

  • Food (garden, greenhouse, organic, permaculture, vertical, hydroponics, aquaponics, etc.)
  • Housing (stone, mud bricks, hay bale, wood and thatch, earthbag, recycled garbage, etc.)
  • Energy (solar, wind, thermal, water, biogas, mechanical versus electrical, etc.)
  • Waste Management (composting, recycling, mindful consumerism, etc.)
  • Self-Sustainability (fabrication, resource management, power generation, etc.)
  • Community (purpose, governance, funding, membership, location selection, etc.)

Training Center Description

Our Sustainable Training Center services are currently provided through our nonprofit headquarters located in Heber City, Utah during our normal business hours. We offer both regularly scheduled classes, presentations and lectures, as well as events that are hosted when we have a guest speaker. Some weekly and monthly events allow for walk-in or open attendance while others require online preregistration.

Most of our events are available for people of all ages from children to adults with some events offered specifically for younger attendees or those with special needs or physical requirements. Our Training Center events and services include:

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Youth - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Hands-On - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Classroom - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Lectures - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Video Conferencing - Charity - Non-ProfitConferencing

Training Center Classes

Sustainable Living Academy - Food Production Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Food Production

There are hundreds of techniques and variations on the seemingly simple task of producing your own sustainable food. These techniques can include: greens, grains, trees, indoor, outdoor, livestock and with any number of variations including: greenhouse, raised bed, organic, permaculture, vertical, hydroponics, livestock, etc. with a focus to meeting adequate nutritional requirements.

Sustainable Living Academy - Home Construction Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing can include everything from tee-pees and tents, stone and mud bricks, log, wood, thatch, earth bag, hay bale, cob, recycled garbage and other natural materials. Considerations are given to natural lighting, heating, cooling, water, space utilization, energy inefficiency, as well as geographic location and access to essential natural resources to ensure long-term sustainability.

Sustainable Living Academy - Alternative Renewable Energy Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Food Production

Many alternative fuels such as biogas, plant-based oils, coal, and natural gas, require considerable resources (physical and chemical processes) before they are converted into useful energy. Active renewables such as solar panels, hydro-electrical plants, and wind turbines often require advanced technology in contrast to passive renewables such as water mill, windmill and radiant heat.

Sustainable Living Academy - Essential Services Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Essential Services

Essential services are necessary for sustaining human life and might include: food production, water collection, processing of waste and sewage, health and medical treatment, education and other emergency needs. This includes the necessary equipment, products, technology and know-how to complete a sustainable plan or unique requirements for related to demographics, climate or environment.

Sustainable Living Academy - Community Building Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Community Building

The community structure and lifestyle plays a large role in the overall success of the community objective. Social harmony and stability can be influenced by factors that include: how close people live and work together, the agreed doctrine for behavior, the application of conflict resolution, support and team building skills, and the development and application of problem solving skills.

Training Center Attendance

Participation in the training center classes, lectures and activities is totally free. To attend an event, please check our schedule and complete a preregistration if required. If you decide to attend one of our walk-in or open attendance events, please arrive early to ensure you find an available seat.

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