Sustainable Boot Camp Program #2
Off-Grid Sustainable Living

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Our Off-Grid Sustainable Living Boot Camp Program offers participants the opportunity to experience life in a sustainable environment that maintains a few conveniences provided by access to electricity, municipal services, and other sustainable products that can be purchased from grid-based manufacturers and vendors. In other words, this program only maintains access to the municipal sewer system while replacing other necessities with sustainable practices and solutions.

The general living conditions under this program might resemble life in a remote eco-village. Throughout this program, attendees will participate in a variety of individual and group activities that match their physical and experiential capabilities. Attendees operate as part of a team, under the guidance of SLA staff members, to perform activities that ensure long-term sustainable success. In addition to daily work assignments, participants attend regular classes and discussions that pertain to the knowledge needed to live and operate in this boot camp environment.

This program includes oversight and observation by SLA staff members to provide guidance and instruction as needed for general operation, activities coordination, work assignment scheduling, construction, upkeep and maintenance, and to ensure the safety and security of the environment and all participants. This may including coordination of planning, development, leadership and sustainable solution meetings to expand or replace any existing sustainable practices. Program activities and responsibilities are delegated to those who show aptitude and interest.

Boot Camp Program 2

Sustainable Boot Camp - Food Production

Food Production

Food production consists of covered or open raised bed gardening with livestock for fertilizer and grounds maintenance only. The diet consists of organic vegan with fruits and vegetables along with any dried or baked goods. Work assignments may include: gardening, livestock care, meal preparation (harvesting, washing, cutting, chopping, dehydrating, mixing, and cooking), composting and cleanup.

Sustainable Boot Camp - Housing


Housing is constructed from a combination of log, hay bale, cob, earth bag and other natural materials utilizing a modular design that further promotes teamwork and a collective lifestyle through space and resource sharing. Work assignments may include: planning and construction of housing modules, meal preparation, fabrication and other activities that support transition to greater self-sufficiency.

Sustainable Boot Camp - Sleeping


Sleeping arrangements are designed to increase the experience of community and the awareness to sustainable space utilization. Designated sleeping modules contain bunk-beds with separate areas for single attendees and couples or families with small children. Minimal storage is provided primarily for clothes and a few personal items. Work assignments may include laundry and general cleaning.

Sustainable Boot Camp - Power


Power is by human or mechanical generated electricity and physical labor. With limited ability to generate and store electricity, it's use is primarily for the essentials of lighting, mixers, cooking and refrigeration. Passive solar is used for hot water and food dehydrators. Work assignments may include: erecting and maintaining natural power generators, as well as electricity generation from manual labor.

Sustainable Boot Camp - Water


Drinking water consists of filtered and re-mineralized well water. Showers use filtered well water with rain and unfiltered well water for plants and animals. Hot water is produced with passive solar with water pressure and pumping generated by gravity, wind or human power. Work assignments may include: water filter cleaning, plumbing, irrigation, storage and transportation activities.

Sustainable Boot Camp - Electronics


Technology access is further limited to necessity. Attendees must leave or relinquish all phones, tablets, computers and cameras before entering the program. Any emergencies are relayed through the head office. A computer with internet is provided for use in researching sustainable products and solutions only. This program provides access to a HAM radio with classes on use and repair.

Sustainable Boot Camp - Artisan


Artisan activities involve fabrication, arts, crafts, music and entertainment. This may include working with metal, clay and wood to produce alternatives products to household and store bought items such as soap, paper, clothes and tools. Musical instruments are hand-made from natural materials. Attendees are encouraged to participate in music, acting or singing for group entertainment.

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