Charitable Programs

Sustainable Living Academy - Charitable Programs - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. offers the following charitable programs that reflect our commitment to helping people implement more sustainable solutions in their daily lives. These programs are designed to make it easy to get involved in sustainable activities by offering free classes, demonstrations and media through our Sustainable Training Center, and the ability to experience different degrees of sustainable living through our Sustainable Boot Camp. This nonprofit is also committed to maintaining and providing the highest quality of sustainable knowledge by developing new sustainable media through a combination of our internal staff, advisory board and other industry professionals.

Our Charitable Programs provide a combination of resources, education and guidance to support those who seek to become more knowledgeable and proactive in their sustainable objectives. Each sustainable program can help individuals, families, groups and communities become more sustainable.

These sustainable programs are available to individuals and communities throughout the U.S. Some programs can be provided directly within your community while others may require travel to one of our sustainable training facilities. Please read the details for each program to ensure Sustainable Living Academy can meet your sustainable objectives.

Sustainable Programs

Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Boot Camp

Our Sustainable Boot Camp program offers the opportunity to become fully immersed in a sustainable lifestyle for periods ranging from days, weeks or months at a time. With this program, participants can take time away from their normal lifestyle to experience what it’s like to live in a sustainable environment. The Boot Camp offers 3 levels of sustainable living environment to match the attendees'... read more

Sustainable Living Academy - Training Center - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Training Center

Our Sustainable Training Center provides free public access to classes, presentations, literature and hands-on experience to all those who wish to learn more about sustainable living. These activities are conducted at our facility, other public speaking venues and are open to attendance by anyone from children, adults, entire families and community groups. The training center offers... read more

Sustainable Living Academy - Sustainable RealityTV Show - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable RealityTV Show

Our Sustainable RealityTV Show provides sustainable edutainment in the form of live streaming video of sustainable activities, as well as a videos series depicting real people engaging in sustainable practices and lifestyles. Through this program, viewers are able to witness the challenges, solutions and dramas that occur in a sustainable living environment by delivering this sustainable entertainment... read more

Sustainable Living Academy - Sustainable Living Encyclopedia - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Living Encyclopedia

Our Sustainable Living Encyclopedia program involves an ambitious undertaking to create a multi-volume comprehensive reference guide for use in implementing sustainable practices worldwide. It provides practical sustainable solutions that correspond to specific types of region, climate, topography, environment and objective. This endeavor draws on the existing work and expertise... read more

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