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Sustainable Living Academy - Support Our Cause - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Living Academy is honored to be in a position to help individuals, families and communities become more sustainable in their daily lives. We also recognize this opportunity is only possible through the generous contributions of those who support this nonprofit and our cause.

Charitable Contributions are not a new concept to those reading this page. You are here because you know how your generosity has helped others in the past and you believe in giving to noble and worthy causes. We are here because we believe our cause is worthy, noble and necessary to help establish a sustainable lifestyle for this and future generations.

We Need Your Support!

Sustainable Living Academy has developed some of the most innovative, comprehensive and progressive sustainable programs in the industry. Our programs and charter have been designed around the necessity to elevate, educate and give more people the opportunity to apply sustainable practices in their daily lives. Please feel free to review our Case Statement or download the PDF to read at your leisure.

Our approach combines practical application with multimedia to inspire and motivate people to become more aware and proactive in living more sustainable lifestyles. For more information on how we plan to elevate, educate and help people to participate, please review our Sustainable Reality TV Program, Sustainable Living Encyclopedia Program and our other Sustainable Programs.

How Can You Help?

Sustainable Living Academy - Charity - Non-Profit - 501(c)(3) Certification From The IRS

Sustainable Living Academy's 501(c)(3) non-profit corporate status offers many ways that you can participate in our charitable cause through financial contributions, volunteering, products and services or through promotion. Whatever your interest or ability, we honor your choice to support this nonprofit and our noble cause. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law*.

Here are ways you can support our cause:

    Sustainable Living Academy - Responsible Stewardship - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Responsible Stewardship

  • Our Sustainable Training Center provides free public access to classes, presentations, literature and hands-on experience to all those who wish to learn more about sustainable living. These activities are conducted at our facility, other public speaking venues and are open to attendance by anyone from children, adults, entire families and community groups. The training center offers... read more

    Sustainable Living Academy - Charitable Case Statement - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Our Case Statement

  • Financial contributions are the life blood that enables this nonprofit to help households and communities become more sustainable. To help make your financial contribution as easy as possible, we have created secure accounts with a variety of banking, donation and funding platforms.... read more

    Sustainable Living Academy - Financial Donations - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Volunteering

  • Volunteers can make any initiative or charitable activity even more productive and effective. With access to more hands, more minds and more skills, our nonprofit is able to help more people, do more research, create more sustainable solutions and expand the sustainable initiative to more people... read more

    Sustainable Living Academy - Donating Products & Services - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Products & Services

  • Donations of products and services can be very useful in supporting our day-to-day operations and for helping others through our Sustainable Programs. Either way, these donations are highly appreciated and are tax deductible under the 501(c)(3) tax exemption code*... read more

    Sustainable Living Academy - Other Ways To Support - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Other Ways To Help

  • Spreading the word about our mission, programs and case statement can really help SLA provide sustainable awareness and solutions to a larger audience. The more people that learn about our cause, the more support we may receive and the more people we will be able to help. Please post our information... read more

Sustainable Living Academy - Charity - Non-Profit - 501(c)(3) Certification From The IRS

* 501(c)(3) NOTICE: Please speak to a tax professional for any personal questions about tax deductible donations to Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. For more information about donating to public charities, please refer to Publication 526 “Charitable Contributions” as provided by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

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