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The Need is Great

Sustainable Living Academy - Our Case Statement - Saving Future Generations

Sustainable living means the management of an environment and lifestyle that promotes the ability to sustain life throughout future generations. The human race, like any biological eco-system, must achieve a sustainable coexistence with nature in order to ensure we don’t over utilize any resource that is essential to our very survival.

For generations, humanity has known about the need to become sustainable yet we have still not done enough to ensure that future generations will enjoy a lifestyle that is equal to our own. Humanity continues to be wasteful and irresponsible with Earth's natural resources, creating a problem of paramount importance. A 2007 study entitled The Story of Stuff revealed “in the past 30 years, the human race has consumed 30% of Earth’s natural resources”. In addition:

  • Only 5% of old growth forests still remain in the United States

  • 75% of fisheries are producing at or above capacity

  • The U.S. accounts for 30% of annual global consumption with only 5% of the population

  • 99% of raw materials are burned, buried or tossed into the ocean within 6 months

The human population has also ballooned from only 2 billion people in the 1930’s to almost 7 billion today due, in part to the widespread use of oil, making it easier and cheaper to grow, harvest and transport food. This has created further strain on Earth’s natural resources as we clear-cut forests to build houses and expose land for farming, over-fish oceans, deplete soil of nutrients, and over-consume available sources of fresh water.

How We Can Help

Our nonprofit is organized and supported by those who believe we can all make a difference and turn the tide for a more positive sustainable future by making a greater effort to apply sustainable practices in the daily lives of every household in America. The challenge is that people often do not have enough information to know where to begin or the resources to apply sustainable solutions in their homes and communities.

Sustainable Living Academy is dedicated to helping people become more aware, knowledgeable and proactive of sustainable solutions that can be applied in their daily lives. To accomplish this, we have developed innovative and progressive programs that are designed to enable, motivate and inspire people to live more sustainably. These programs combine education and resources with a creative multimedia campaign that will raise the topic of sustainable living to new heights of local, regional and national exposure.

Our charter is to Elevate, Educate and Participate!

  • Elevate by raising the awareness of sustainable living to new heights in the mainstream media through a multimedia campaign that includes the production of a Sustainable Reality TV Show. These activities are designed to deliver sustainable knowledge directly into people's homes through the vehicle of edutainment.

  • Educate by providing access to sustainable living classes, presentations, literature and hands-on applications through our Sustainable Training Center. This includes providing access to existing sustainable literature, advisers, creating new material and producing a multi-volume Sustainable Living Encyclopedia.

  • Participate by providing individuals, families, and groups a total immersion experiences within varying degrees of sustainable living environments through our Sustainable Boot Camp Program. This gives attendees an opportunity to experience the challenges and solutions to actual sustainable living.

Benefits from Your Support

Sustainable Living Academy - Our Case Statement - Uniting Under A Common Cause

The benefits of your support will be experienced immediately through our charter to elevate, educate and help people experience sustainable solutions first-hand. The application of sustainable practices will result in reduced waste of energy and natural resources, a greater understanding of living in balance with nature, and a renewed sense of united purpose in many households and communities. These programs will also have long-lasting affects as the knowledge of sustainable living is passed through families, neighborhoods and communities for generations to come.

Families, communities and municipalities will benefit through greater self-sufficiency and cost savings on the essentials to sustain human life. The enthusiasm, intrigue and experienced benefits to living more sustainable are certain to ripple through every level of society. This will result in greater awareness of sustainable solutions and practices, as well as how and where people can receive sustainable assistance. The long-term impact of our charter and programs will become instrumental for ensuring future generations have the resources to live a high-quality life that is equal to or greater than our own.

We Must Not Fail

We continue to be alerted that natural resources are becoming scarcer from day-to-day in some regions and year-to-year in others. Humanity is over-consuming many natural resources to the point where we are now transporting them from other locations to help those in need. Examples of this include everything from oil and food to water. This practice continues to put strain on our already fragile coexistence with nature.

If we don’t reverse this trend, we will very likely experience shortages of food, water or any number of other natural resources in the immediate future. Achieving a sustainable balance with nature is not an option, it’s a necessity. Failure can only result in increasing hardships for this and future generations to come. With your support, Sustainable Living Academy will succeed in accelerating the application of sustainable practices in households and communities in America and across the planet.

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