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Sustainable Living Academy also happily accepts donations in the form of products and services to support our mission and objectives.

Donations of products and services can be useful in supporting our day-to-day operations and in the course of helping others through our Sustainable Programs. Either way, these donations may be tax deductible under the 501(c)(3) tax exemption code*.

Accepting donations of this type depends on our corporate needs and/or the needs to support an on-site sustainable project. In some cases, SLA may advise that donations be made directly to the local charitable organization that has applied and been approved for support under our Sustainable Programs. You are welcome to contact SLA to confirm the best location to donate your products and services.

Product Donations

Donating products and supplies does not mean the items must be new. In fact, the essence of sustainability is the opportunity to reuse, recycle and extend the life of pre-owned and pre-used resources. We accepts products that are new or have been used and are still in good working condition.

In support of our administrative operations, SLA could make use of the following products and supplies:

  • Desks, chairs, file cabinets and office partitions
  • Computers, monitors, printers, telephones
  • Advertising space, booth, tradeshow and convention supplies
  • Vehicles including cars and trucks
  • Filming, video and audio products for our Multimedia Program
  • Education and meeting facilities for our Education Program

In support of our on-site sustainable development projects, SLA could make use of the following sustainable products and supplies:

  • Greenhouse and gardening products for our Food Program/li>
  • Home improvement products for our Housing Program
  • Alternative Energy products for our Energy Program
  • Industrial products for our Essential Services Program

Service Donations

Donating professional services is also a welcomed form of support and allows us to allocate more funds to help people meet their sustainable objectives.

We can also make use of professional services in virtually any area of our corporate operations and throughout our Sustainable Programs. These services can be for administrative or sustainable development expertise including: marketing, advertising, fundraising, video production and editing, SEO, social media, soils analysis and potable water testing, as well as advisers, specialists and technicians in the form of electrical, plumbing and construction contractors to support local sustainable development projects.

Sustainable Living Academy - Charity - Non-Profit - 501(c)(3) Certification From The IRS

* 501(c)(3) NOTICE: Please speak to a tax professional for any personal questions about tax deductible donations to Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. For more information about donating to public charities, please refer to Publication 526 “Charitable Contributions” as provided by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

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