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Volunteers can make any initiative or charitable activity even more productive and effective. With access to more hands, more minds and more skills, we are able to help more people, create more sustainable solutions and expand the sustainable initiative to more people.

Due to the diversity of the SLA operations and activities, volunteers have the opportunity to participate at either the SLA headquarters, remotely from their home or on location during the implementation of our sustainable assistance programs. A volunteer experience with SLA can provide someone with skills and knowledge in, what is being called, the next emerging market.

SLA also offers an intern program for those seeking to learn more about sustainability, gain hands-on experience in a variety of sustainable activities and/or for those seeking possible future employment opportunities. Interns often have some form of sustainable education or previous experience that qualifies them to work directly with the SLA operations. These assignments provide both SLA and the intern an opportunity to get to know each other and determine if there is mutual interest in the intern becoming a permanent member of the SLA organization.

In the case of experienced professionals, SLA receives the benefit from years of knowledge and experience that can be directly transformed into our ability to help more people and communities achieve their sustainable objectives. These volunteers could be involved as a member of our advisory board, sustainable project review and feasibility, fundraising, project videography, event planning and on-site sustainable development activities.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like to volunteer or intern with SLA.

Here are some of the volunteer and intern opportunities available through SLA:

  • Advisory Board
  • Project Review
  • Research Assistant
  • Publishing
  • Video Production
  • Website Development
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • On-Site Support

The SLA policy is that volunteers must apply and be interviewed prior to participating in SLA activities. Upon completion of this process, an SLA representative will coordinate with the volunteer to determine the best fit between the needs of SLA and the skills and mobility of the volunteer.

There are many activities where a remote or operate-from-home volunteer can contribute, as well as for those who have more flexibility with location and mobility. If a volunteer would like to participate at a SLA facility or sustainable development site, the volunteer is required to organize their own transportation to and from the site. Once at that site, both food and shelter are provided by SLA at no expense to the volunteer.

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