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Our Sustainable Boot Camp program offers the opportunity to become fully immersed in a sustainable lifestyle for periods ranging from days, weeks or months at a time. With this program, participants can take time away from their normal or conventional lifestyle to experience living in a sustainable environment.

We offer 3 programs of sustainable living immersion to match the participant’s background and desired experience. Those interested in participating must complete an online application and interview with one of our boot camp staff members to help determine the best match between the participant’s skills and our program requirements.

It’s important to note that evaluation of a participant’s skills is not limited to book knowledge or practical experience with sustainable practices. Each program incorporates progressively more sustainable lifestyle challenges that may affect the participant’s ability to adjust. Some of these factors include: physical or manual labor, dietary adjustments, access to modern electronics and conveniences, group participation and cooperation, as well as emotional maturity and stability.

Our Sustainable Boot Camp immersion programs include:

Boot Camp Immersion Experiences

Our Sustainable Boot Camp Immersion Experiences requires on-site participation at our nonprofit headquarters located in Heber City, Utah. Participation in this program is FREE of charge and requires a personal commitment by the attendee for a predefined period of days or weeks to live and work at the Sustainable Living Academy premises.

While immersed in the Boot Camp, you will participate as an active member of a group that lives in and maintains the sustainable program environment. Each Boot Camp Program has different requirements for physical participation due to the specific accessibility and availability to technology, automation and electrical power. The more sustainable the program, the less automation and more physical activity is required to maintain it. As a result, participation requires completion of an application and consultation with a representative from Sustainable Living Academy. During the Boot Camp Immersion Experiences, you will participate in daily activities that may include:

Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Resources - Non-Profit Resources
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Planning - Non-Profit Planning
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Gardening - Non-Profit Gardening
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Housing - Non-Profit Housing
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Composting - Non-Profit Compost
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Livestock - Non-Profit Livestock
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Building - Non-Profit Building
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Power Generation - Non-ProfitPower Generation
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Cooking - Non-Profit Cooking
Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Irrigation - Non-ProfitIrrigation

Boot Camp Attendance

To participate in this boot camp, you must complete the Boot Camp Application Form and agree to the Terms of Participation. Prior to attendance, your application will be reviewed and a personal interview conducted with one of our staff to determine which Boot Camp Immersion Program best matches your sustainable knowledge, experience and physical abilities.

Once the optimal Boot Camp Immersion Program has been defined, you will be scheduled for on-site participation in the program. Scheduling is based on availability of space in our boot camp program, as well as your ability to live, work and reside at our boot camp for the agreed and predefined period of days or weeks.

To read more detailed information on the specific sustainable living environments, conditions and requirements for participation, please read the detailed description for Program 1, Program 2 or Program 3.

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